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It's that time again!

ScarStar86, Oct 7, 10 8:33 AM.
As some of you have noticed, Mabi is getting ready for g12 "Return of the hero" but I don't think Morrighan's husband is a hero more of a pain, anyways new skills are coming out, and new weapons (kinda)

And to fix an error I made before it's the 13th not the 16th for Vindi open beta

anyways back to the list

New demi god skills, mostly morrighans skills

new weapons well seems only alchemy is getting new weapons tower cylinders and chain cylinders

Tower = More range and more powerful alchemy blasts

chain= more charges like instead of 5 water cannon being stacked you get 6


ScarStar86, Sep 22, 10 11:37 PM.
ok folks as some as you know the early betai s going on, which I been taking part of. Anyways oct 16th is open beta and hope to see alot of you give it a shot. and good luck hunting fomors!

                                                     -Signed Wargrave

G11: sword of the god

ScarStar86, Aug 11, 10 2:09 PM.
Well folks once again Mabi is being updated with a new generation (gen or g for short)


new awaking skill has been added SHadow Spirit (ok I forgot it's real name) steal a monsters shadow and attack with it
new dungeon (kinda) shirk down to the size of food and battle the food to make a good meal
*LIMITED TIME* Griffon pet, you get to choice it's coloring, it's can run like a shire, or it can fly (one seater)
they have also rebalanced some stuff
last but not forgotten is now newer players can summon higher lvl people to come help them

Vinditcus Closed Beta!!! starts the 10th

ScarStar86, Jul 25, 10 9:10 PM.
Well folks with close beta for Vinditcus around the corner, we're hoping to some of you there when open beta is well open XD but anyways congradutions to Anoushka for making it into closed beta, give those fomors hell XD

Just a little note.

AnoushkaBB, Jun 3, 10 2:37 PM.

=D Ha, I succeeded in deleting this twice before I posted.
Forums have been changed up a bit.
Isn't that the greatest News anyone has ever given. (sarcasm) =D
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